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Hey! ✋ My name is Nonthakon Jitchiranant, Or you can call me just "Non". I'm a recently B.Eng graduated with a lot of stuff that interested me.

Currently, I worked my full-time job as a Project Manager. And in my nights and weekends. I also love to build an interesting and wonderful stuff that's looks interesting at that point.

If you're keen to know more about me, Let's scroll down! 👇

What I built & building

🔨 Working in process... 🔨


  • 🤖 Botnoi Consulting Co.Ltd., | Project Manager | 06/23 - Present
    • Co-led a team to develop an AI VoiceBot for FWD Thailand, building an NLP-powered automated call center to help reduce operational costs
    • Managed and oversaw the day-to-day operations of a multinational team (Thai - Hong Kong), including planning each sprint, managing backlog items, meeting stakeholders’ expectations, etc.
    • As of Oct 2023, the VoiceBot has assisted human call center staff by completing more than 15,000 calls a month.
  • 💰 Satang Technology Co.Ltd., | Project Manager Intern | 05/23 - 06/23
    • Interned at Satang Technologies, where I worked tightly on a blockchain project with AIS.
    • Coordinating with developers and ensuring project milestones were met
    • Co-manage team of over 8 people
  • 🛵 LINE MAN Wongnai Co.Ltd., | Software Developer Intern | 05/22 - 10/22, 01/23 - 04/23
    • Working in Productivity Squad where I built a wonderful product to improve perfomance of overall company
    • Designed and built new business applications, including ERP, and supply chain software with Odoo
    • Participated in Scrum process to help deliver product to users
    • Experience on designing a new database system, API Specs.
    • Experience with Python, Django, Odoo, Node.js, Java, Golang.


  • 🔗 Chainlink Developer Expert & Chainlink Community Advocates
    • Help organize multiple events in Bangkok for Chainlink Communities
    • Serve my role as Technical Speakers & Event Organizer for 5+ events since 2022
  • 🤵 PM Corner Activity Volunteer
    • Help organize 1st Anniversary, Happy Birthday" Mingle Party
    • Actively participate in one of the biggest/warmest Project Manager Community in Thailand as a Volunteer since 2023

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