Hey folks! I want to announce to you all that Laika Labs just received grant from Arbitrum Grants Program provided by @QuestBook
and i am super proud to tell you that we're also the first grant approved by the program!

before i jump to what we'll do next, i want to tell you guys a little bit of our story for the past year.

the past year was a really tough year for us, and for me personally. terra crash, ftx crash and the market plummeted. and we're not success on secure funding in time. thus, we're running out of funds to operating laika at that point. that make us decided to part ways and take a pause on it for a while until everything is better.

at that moment it was really sad for me, we spent almost 2 years working and dreaming on laika and watching it blur away from our faces. at that moment all of us were really sad but we got no way to fix it.

but we're still keep laika website operational and use our personal saving to pay for the infrastructure cost to keep it running. because we believe that our tool is still cool and it's still useful for the ecosystem as a whole.

months has passed, some of us tackling on new project. some of us get a corporate job. we just learned a lot from laika. and that was a story of our last year, that's why you haven't heard from us for a while.

but we're back now! and this time, even stronger. today i would like to announce to you again that we're building up laika again. and this time we're building it for the community. the new laika code will cherish with the open source ethos at day one. we're a community member and we're building for the community. stay tune!

before i end this post i want to say thank you to a lot of people that help us along the way, thank you to P'Chom @chomtana for a big push that re-direct me back to Laika, thank you to @Jean @Boss @Ishan for staying with me through our roughest year, thank you to @Srijith @Juan @Sebastiano for the grant we're really appreciate! and last of all thank you to you all laika users, otherwise none of this would happen. cheers!