Hello and welcome to our article on A Deep Dive into Laika and Osmosis! If you’re interested in building decentralized applications (dApps) on the Osmosis blockchain. whether you’re a veteran builder who built for quite some time or a builder who just getting started. I’m sure that our tool that we building at Laika Labs could help you somehow!


Laika is a request builder tool that allows users to interact with smart contracts through a graphical user interface (GUI). It allows users to create requests to call functions on contracts, view data, and even deploy new contracts, all without the need for coding. Laika is a useful tool for developers who want to test and debug their contracts quickly and easily, as well as for non-developers who want to interact with existing contracts.

What we building so far

Here’s a List of what we build that could help you build faster on Osmosis!

  1. A Request Builder 👷

We create easy & intuitive UIs (with collection management supported) to interact with smart contracts on-chain so developers don’t have to spend time writing a code to send a request to the smart contract. But just make that request on the UI to help speed-up development time a lot!

(Right now, Laika is supported on Osmosis Mainnet, Osmosis Testnet, and LocalOsmosis)

Visit: https://interchain.getlaika.app/

2. LocalOsmosis supported via Laika Proxy Extension 👩‍🔬

Laika is not just support on Osmosis Mainnet, Testnet. But you can spin your chain locally using LocalOsmosis. And you can use Laika on your local network through Laika Proxy Extension!

Introduction to Laika Proxy Extension
Hello everyone! In this article, I’m going to introduce you to Laika Proxy Extension which we’ve just released.

3. Code Snippet Generator 🤖

Not only you can create a new request through UIs, but Laika also gives you a way to generate code snippets with ease so you can use them on your backend, bot, or anything you want.

4. Environment Variables 🌏

You can even create environment variables so they can be reused many times for any requests you build.

5. Laika Labs CLI 💻

Laika Labs CLI is a command line tool that simplifies working with web3, providing an efficient and easy way to create and test smart contracts through Laika, a request builder for web3.

We create it to make integration of Laika and Beaker possible, Osmosis’s smart contract developer can now write and check their smart contract as fast as a few clicks away!

Demo of Laika Labs CLI syncing to Beaker

Other than all of that we also added a lot of utility features that you can use to boost your development workflow such as

  • Notes 📝 (A handy feature that you can use to jot down details of each request)
  • Converter ⚖️ (To help you convert the value to make it easier for the request making)
  • History 📜 (Gives you the list of past requests sent via Laika)

And much more!

That’s all for this article. Hope you guys like it! See you again next time! 😃

Connect with us
Twitter: https://twitter.com/getlaikaapp
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/getlaikaapp/
Discord: https://discord.gg/4DzwHuxhcf