Laika? 🐶

Laika is a Blockchain development tool that helps you request to smart contract without having the hassle to write a single line of code.

Laika aims to provide developers with easy to use interface when working with smart contracts, auto-generated code, documentation tools, and enhance team collaboration.

To put simply what Laika aims to be is what Postman was for Web 2.0 for the Web 3.0

Laika first dog in the space!

Feature 🔥

  • Send requests to test and verify your smart contracts on any EVM-based chains even your local chain (More coming soon..)
  • Connect easily with the Web3.0 wallet of your choice.
  • View response with raw and formatted styles.
  • History of past requests is supported.
  • Support ABIs imports.
  • Auto-generate ABIs base on parameters, expected returns.
  • Collections for easier managing your contracts.
  • (More coming soon🔥)
Laika’s Interface

Check out here!

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