Hey! It’s nice to see you guys again. This blog is an update of what we’ve been doing past weeks. Without further ado Let’s Go! 👀

Dark Mode 🌙

It’s here! Who doesn’t like dark mode eh (!??) You can select dark/mode on the top right button!

New Request Window ➕

We tinkering up with the New Request Window a bit. Hope you guys like it!

Feedback Zone 📥

This is small but It’s easier than ever to connect with us! You can hop to our community instantly on the bottom bar. Also, we provide an easier way to give feedback just click “feedback” at the bottom left!

Lock 🔒

Have a request that you don’t wanna mess up? You can lock it with our new Lock function!

Note 📝

Got something to quickly jot down? Just use the Notes function!

And there’s so much moooore! Just try it at https://getlaika.app

See ya next time! 🤗

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