Hello! Nice to meet you guys again. Happy new year!

This is the first update of Laika for this year. We’ve added a lot of features for the past few weeks. Let’s see what we’ve got! 👀

  1. Code Generator 🧑‍💻

We’ve had a lot of requests for code generator recently and it’s here! you can just create your request and copy the code snippet from the toolbar on the right side!

2. Drag and Drop 🤏

The request is now drag ‘n drop -able! This makes it easier to manage your workspace.

3. Unit Converter ⚖️

We’ve integrated the unit converter right into the right sidebar (No pun intended!) Hope this comes in handy!

4. More data on selected chain

We’ve changed the interface a bit. Laika now shows the ChainID of your selected chain so it would be easier to recognize which chain you’re in.

5. A bit of UI Change 💄

We’ve changed the UI a bit. if you want to have an array type of parameters you can just tick the array checkbox a lot more simpler!

And there’s a lot more! Just try it at https://getlaika.app

See ya next time! 🤗

#BUIDL #getlaikaapp

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