Hello there! 😃 It’s nice to see you guys again!

This blog is intended to be the update of what we have been doing since the last update. Let’s go!👀

  1. Variable Suggestion 🤖

We added the variable suggestions (for environment variables, etc.) hope this comes in handy!

2. Theme sync with System 🌓

A small thing to update but the Theme is now syncing with your system!

3. Chain Switcher 🎛

This came in handy when you want to work with a new chain (eg. REI)

Also, when you select a new chain that never use before it would auto add that new chain to your Metamask!

4. Home Revamp 🏠

We revamp our home interface a bit. You should be able to quickly create a new Request or Look at the documentation from here 👀

5. Rei Chain Support 🤝

We’ve just partner with REI Chain to make it easier to work with the Rei chain. Using Laika it was really easy to work with the Rei chain. You can directly import ABI from the reiscan.

If you never used the REI chain before you can just click on chain switcher and pick Rei Chain we’ll automatically add it for you!

Check out REI here: https://reichain.io/

6. Token Transfer Inspector 🔭

You can now inspect token transfer directly in Laika 👀 If you’re working with requests involving Tokens this should come in handy!

7. Hardhat Integrations 🛠

This feature is not come out yet. But just to hype you guy a little bit Laika team just start working on the Hardhat plugin that will sync your Hardhat project with Laika!

Stay tuned!

And there’s a lot more! Just try it at https://getlaika.app

See ya next time! 🤗

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