Hello! It’s nice to see you again :)

We’ve been working on a lot of things for the past few weeks and there’s a lot of new features since our last update. Let’s see what is it! 👀

  1. Chain Request (Beta)

Want to test with a scenario? There’s some method you want to call first and then another? Chain Request come here to help!

You can structure requests in a flow and easily look at the result one by one!

(Note: Chain Request is currently in Beta)

2. Environment Variables 🏕

Have a lot of repeating values? Let’s make it an Environment variable and just reuse it!

Laika is now supporting Environment Variables just click on the 🌍 icon on the left bar add a new variable.

when you want to use it just put a {{ variable_name }} on any field!

3. Calldata Inspector 🔭

You can now inspect the Calldata of each request with the Call Data tab! This makes it easier to inspect the request byte by byte 👀

4. Sighash Request #️⃣

Another cool thing is you can now use Sighash as a method name! just put Sighash to the method name field and that was it!

5. Hash Converter ⚖️

We added Hash Converter into the right toolbar! Hope this comes in handy 🤗

And there’s a lot more! Just try it at https://getlaika.app

See ya next time! 🤗

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